From left: Hayley Donga, Kimberley Miranda Cantarero, Ewa Grudzinski, Stephanie Bartelt, Marie Swain-Price, Holli Murray, Maura Lombard, and Margalie Hilaire, RN

The nurses on Braunwald Tower 14CD, a medical intermediate care unit, recently expressed their gratitude for Marie Swain-Price, MSN, RN, nursing director, by planning a surprise appreciation day in her honor.

“Our unit-based practice council realized that nurses, patient care associates and unit coordinators have appreciation weeks, and we thought our nursing director deserved a day, too,” said Holli Murray, MSN, RN. “Marie is doing a fabulous job during this challenging time. She is dedicated, caring and a role model for us.”

Swain-Price said she was surprised and touched by the gesture. “It was so thoughtful and almost brought me to tears,” she said. “I am truly blessed to have such an amazing staff.”