‘Desperate Need:’ Brigham ED Nurse Deployed to Haiti for Earthquake Relief

Less than 24 hours after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on Aug. 14, Emergency Department (ED)…


‘Resiliency and Hope’: Brigham and MGH Nurse Supports Afghan Refugees in Flight

With less than a day’s notice, Monica Staples, DNP, RN, recently embarked on a mission to support…


Nurses Honored with Pink Pins after Security Drill

Elcie Vixama and Joan Zagame were recognized for their quick response during a recent Security drill.


A Virtual Success: Nurse-Driven Innovation Improves Patient Experience and Care

Rich Boyajian founded the Virtual Prostate Cancer Clinic in 2016.


12 ‘Quick’ Hours to Make a Difference

A group of nurses on Braunwald Tower 15 launch an apparel line to support nursing resiliency.


TULIP Award Celebrates Compassionate Care

When Pamela Cook, patient care associate, arrived at work on the morning of June 23, she had no idea…

Nurse holding heart-shaped object

Studying the Effects of the Pandemic on ED Nurses

Meredith Scannell was one of three nurses to receive the ENA Foundation grant.

Colinda Cole-French

‘I Just Want to Be a Really Great Nurse’: Nurse Resident Details Her Unique Path to the Profession and Desire to Make a Difference

Colinda Cole-French reflects on her "non-traditional" path to nursing.


Celebrating Nurse Residency Graduates

22 nurses completed the Nora McDonough Nurse Residency Program.


‘Uniquely Positioned to Improve Care’: The Important Role of Nurses in Research

A Q&A with Caitlin Guerrero, MSN, RN, CNL, OCN

Guidelines through the years

Updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Make Every Bite Count

The latest guidelines expand upon nutrition tips for children and emphasize the importance of nutrition and a healthy eating pattern from childhood to adulthood.

Oluwabusayo Akinade

Brigham Nurses Answer: What Does Certification Mean to You?

In honor of Certified Nurses Day on March 19, we asked Brigham nurses how certification has enriched their practice and enhanced the care they provide.