Nursing and Environmental Services team up to deliver more than 200 care packages to Rosie’s Place.

While National Nurses Month is focused on recognizing nurses’ contributions, Brigham nurses also wanted to give back to the community as part of the celebration.

Over the course of the month, nurses and nursing committees throughout the hospital collected and assembled over 200 care packages for Rosie’s Place. The baskets included toiletries, personal care items, art and coloring supplies, make-up and gift cards, per the suggested wish list from Rosie’s Place.

“Nurses appreciate their own well-being, and giving back during this time of celebrating our own profession feels great,” said Mary O’Neill, BSN, RN, of Braunwald Tower 8AB, which created 15 packages.

The donations filled an entire office space and a portion of a conference room.

“Throughout the month, I was blown away by the number of care packages and donations coming from our nurses and nursing committees,” said Monica Tucker-Schwartz, DNP, RN, NE-BC, nursing director of the Cardiovascular Diagnostic and Interventional Center and Magnet Program co-director.

On May 31, the last day of National Nurses Month, a group of nurses and nursing leaders worked with Environmental Services to pack up the care packages and deliver them to Rosie’s Place.

“We spent the morning packing more than 20 bins with the assembled care packages and seeing the generosity of our nurses,” said Tucker-Schwartz. “When we arrived at Rosie’s Place, we had conversations with the staff and participants about where we work and the excellent care they have received from nurses. It felt so rewarding to close out National Nurses Month by caring for our community, which is so important to us as nurses.”