Nurses on Shapiro 8 kicked off National Nurses Month with a wellness day to help staff relax and recharge.

Deborah Goldman blesses the hands of Santina Wilson

The event was hosted by Santina Wilson, BSN, RN, PCCN-BC, and Sara Murphy, BSN, RN, who chose the theme, Renew, Recharge, Rejuvenate, Relax.

“This theme is what we hope to accomplish by having our Shapiro 8 health fairs,” explained Wilson. “Self-care is foundational to nursing and essential to our practice, but many of us fail to properly care for ourselves. Nursing can be very stressful, so we hope these wellness events help to reduce stress and heal the mind, body and spirit. We all need a pick-me-up at times.”

The fair featured hands-on activities that created moments of joy and relaxation, as well as spa-like music and tacos in honor of Taco Tuesday. Highlights included the chance to spend time with pet therapy dog Gracie Faria, a badge reel craft, Reiki sessions with the team’s own Gisela Arguello, BSN, RN, and chair yoga and autogenic training (self-relaxation techniques) exercises with Lisa Staffiere from the Employee Assistance Program.

Gisela Arguello performs Reiki for Stephanie Alberto

In addition, members of the Spiritual Care Services team provided guided meditation, Tea for the Soul, stress balls, and hand blessings.

“It is an honor to be able to bless the hands of nurses, letting them know that they—and the work they do—deeply matter,” said Deborah Goldman, Spiritual Care chaplain student intern. “It’s meaningful to be able to provide them with a moment of quietude, presence, attention and an open heart.”

Wilson thanked nursing director, Susan Williams, DNP, RN, CCTN, for her support of the event. “This wellness day event wouldn’t be possible without Susan’s support,” expressed Wilson. “It means a lot that our director supports us and our wellbeing, encouraging us to take part in these events.”


Alyssa Paige and Melissa Burke make badge reels.

The unit goes beyond  singular wellness day events to promote self-care and prevent burnout every day. “Our floor has a Caritas Room for staff to use whenever they need to take time for themselves,” added Wilson. “The room is equipped with various relaxation tools, including foot, back and shoulder massagers.”

Williams, along with Melissa Moniz, professional development manager, hope to support and empower nurses and help build resiliency, especially during this pandemic.

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