Jennifer Bergen

As a nurse-in-charge since the opening of the Medical Oncology Unit on Connors 7, Jennifer Bergen, BSN, RN, OCN, has been instrumental in nurturing a supportive, collaborative culture for both experienced nurses and newly licensed nurses.

“Jen took on this role when the unit opened in 2018, with the vast majority of staff being newly licensed nurses,” wrote nursing director Emily Hagens, MSN, RN, OCN. “Jen was a positive constant on the unit as they welcomed a new manager, converted to a COVID unit twice, moved to Connors 7 and transitioned back to an Oncology unit. Her leadership and presence on the unit have provided immeasurable support and comfort to all her co-workers and patients.”

For Bergen, the experience of working with so many new nurses during the unit’s opening was rewarding. “I have had the privilege of working with and at times leading many of these new nurses each shift I work, and watching that pay off through the last year has been a great joy,” she said. “So much goes into getting new nurses up to speed, and I believe one of the biggest parts is empowering them to recognize all they are capable of.”

Since the unit’s opening, Bergen continues to take on the role of preceptor and mentor.

“New staff always rave about how supportive and instrumental Jen was in their development,” wrote Michaelle Renard, MSN, RN, OCN, MT (ASCP), professional development manager for Hematology/Oncology. “She makes them feel comfortable while challenging them to become excellent clinicians who are accountable for their practice.”

Bergen is a role model for relationship-based care and prioritizes finding ways to bond with her patients and their loved ones. “As you walk by a room with Jennifer and her patient, you usually hear laughter as she finds a way to humor them,” wrote Maya Sullivan, BSN, RN, of Connors Center 7. “She has an amazing ability to ease the stress and tension of being in the hospital by connecting with her patients and making them feel comfortable.”

Bergen is also a champion for many quality initiatives that have led to improved outcomes for patient care. She is also a member of the Nursing Informatics Committee.

“Jen is an expert nurse,” wrote Renard. “I consistently turn to her to help me determine both patient care needs and staff learning needs on the floor. Her peers often turn to her for clinical guidance regarding patient care. Jen’s extensive knowledge of oncology and collegiality make CWN-7 an ideal unit to foster the growth of new staff.”

Bergen earned her BSN from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She previously worked at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Milton before joining the Brigham’s Oncology Division in 2013. She has worked as a charge nurse on Connors Center 7 since 2018.

Nominated by Emily Hagens, MSN, RN, OCN, nursing director of Medical Oncology on Connors Center 7, with letters of support from Maya Sullivan, BSN, RN, of Connors Center 7 and co-chair of the Unit-Based Practice Committee, and Michaelle Renard, MSN, RN, OCN, MT (ASCP), professional development manager, Hematology/Oncology