Structural empowerment (SE) encompasses organizational structure, personnel policies and programs, professional development, community outreach, and promotion of a positive nursing image.

Below, you will find standards within this component of Magnet and examples of how we meet or exceed them in our work each day. Please note that we will add examples on an ongoing basis throughout 2021 and 2022.

Standards and Examples

Standard SE13: Provide one example, with supporting evidence, of the organization’s recognition of an interprofessional group (inclusive of nursing) for their contribution(s) in influencing the clinical care of patients.

How We Meet SE13

New infusion pumps line a hallway

In 2019, the Brigham’s large volume smart pump implementation team was honored with a Partners in Excellence (now called Pillar of Excellence) Award for their efforts to replace approximately 3,800 large-volume infusion pumps with the Baxter Spectrum IQ pump.

“Everyone was so helpful and extremely vested in patient safety,” said Anne Bane, MSN, RN, nurse director of Informatics and Medication Safety, who served as one of the clinical leads for the project. “It was impressive to see how we were able to move 7,000 pieces of equipment in one day and transition all patients to the new IV infusion pump.”