Our current systems and practices need to be redesigned and redefined if we are to be successful in the future.

New Knowledge, Innovation and Improvements (NKII) includes new models of care, application of existing evidence, new evidence, and visible contributions to the science of nursing.

Standards and Examples

NK5: Nursing Innovation Improves Patient Safety, Experience in Thoracic Care

Provide an example of an innovation involving nursing.

To improve the safety and experience of patients, Brigham nurses identified and piloted a bedside organizer to hold patient belongings and important items. Read more.

NK2b: Nurse-Driven Research Examines PDHM Benefits for Healthy Infants

Provide an example of how clinical nurses disseminated the organization’s completed nursing research study to external audiences.

While pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) has well-known benefits for infants in the newborn ICU setting, Jennifer Riley, MSN, RN, IBCLC, sought to understand its impact on healthy infants as an alternative to formula. Read more.

NK7EOb: CIRS Nurses Redesign Workflow to Improve Patient Experience 

Provide one example of an improved outcome associated with clinical nurse involvement with the design or redesign of a workflow in an ambulatory setting.

Clinical nurses in the Center for Infertility and Reproductive Surgery (CIRS) identified opportunities to standardize their workflows to improve patient education and satisfaction. Read more.


NK3b: IV Therapy Team Revises PIV Policy to Improve Patient Care and Experience

Provide one example of clinical nurses’ use of evidence-based practice to revise an existing practice within the organization.

The Intravenous Therapy (IV) team reviewed and revised the Peripheral IV (PIV) Policy to improve patient care and experience using evidence-based practices and recommendations, including those by the Journal of Infusion Nursing: Infusion Standards of Practice.