In June, the Department of Nursing celebrated the graduation of the first cohort of nurses to complete the Nora McDonough Nurse Residency Program in partnership with the nationally recognized Vizient/American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Nurse Residency Program.

The long-standing Nora McDonough program partnered with Vizient/AACN program in 2020, using an evidence-based curriculum that helps nurses transition into the practice environment during their first year and become leaders at the point of care.

Through the program, nurses receive support from expert facilitators and preceptors as well as each other during sessions where they can talk about and process their experiences together.

In addition to seminars that focus on clinical reasoning and competence, nurses also learned to incorporate research-based evidence into the care they provide and completed evidence-based practice projects.

Congratulations to the 22 graduates:

Kelly Anastasio, BSN, RN

Ketiana Bastia, BSN, RN

Colinda Cole-French, BSN, RN

Catherine DiSaia, BSN, RN

Janelle Eastman, BSN, RN

Marisa Fleming, BSN, RN

Delaney Hill, BSN, RN

Katharine Koury, BSN, RN

Katelyn Lasser, BSN, RN

Nicole Macedo, BSN, RN

Anastasia MacMillan, BSN, RN

Amanda Mavros, BSN, RN

Brenna McCarthy, BSN, RN

Anna Mei, MSN, RN

Keara Murphy, BSN, RN

Olivia Musialowski, BSN, RN

Michelle Nghiem, BSN, RN

Nicole Rakoski, BSN, RN

Samantha Ruda, BSN, RN

Rebecca Spevack, BSN, RN

Shannon Stewart, BSN, RN

Ranvah Thabit, BSN, RN