Marie Caulfield, MSN, RNMarie Caulfield

Shapiro 9/10

The call to nursing:

“I have been a nurse at the Brigham for 17 years, and while I have never experienced anything like this, nursing continues to be my calling. This experience reaffirms why I became a nurse. I continue to treat my patient with dignity, compassion and respect. I know that I might be their only human connection during this time. I will continue to be that devoted nurse in caring for others during this unprecedented time in healthcare.”


“There is an unbelievable sense of unity among us. I have learned how brave, strong, and resilient Brigham nurses truly are. I have the privilege of working alongside some of the most talented staff at the Brigham. Although we may be scared, we lock that fear up when we leave our home every day. We go in and care for these patients together and that is what gets us through every shift.”

Support from family, friends and community:

“Much like running my marathons, this takes strength, courage and endurance. I can do this, and I am incredibly grateful for the love and support from my family, friends and the community. We are in it together. We are BWH!”