At left, Gabby Trodella; at right, Gabby Trodella is joined by her colleagues and Chief Nursing Officer Maddy Pearson, far right, during a celebration.

Gabby Trodella, RN, of CWN-7, received the DAISY Award in December 2018 in recognition of her upbeat energy and deep understanding of the needs of her patients and their loved ones.

The patient who nominated Trodella wrote:
“…She had this incredible way of relating to us and making us feel heard and not so alone. The way she responded to our questions was so honest, like she understood our angst and why this was so confusing for the ‘not medically trained.’ It is a great skill to have and not a skill that can be taught. We really felt like we could be honest and open with Gabby, and that she would go to whoever she needed to get us the answers to our questions.”

I’m honestly going to miss Gabby, which is weird to say after a horrendous situation. But we won’t forget her and all the positivity she provided.”

Trodella received the award during a ceremony on CWN-7 with her colleagues and leaders.

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