The following DAISY Award recipients were celebrated during the last few months for the compassionate care they provided to patients and loved ones. Learn more about each recipient through excerpts from their nominations.

Jenn Mosaheb poses with a DAISY award poster

Jennifer Mosaheb

August: Jennifer Mosaheb, BSN, RN, Center for Labor and Birth

A patient who experienced difficulty delivering her first baby nominated Mosaheb:

“Most critical to me through this time, Jenn’s empathy, coaching and encouragement helped me to not lose hope as I pushed for nearly four and a half hours. I felt that I had a friend in the room and an advocate for the best interests for me and my not-yet-born son. Though we ultimately did require some interventions to deliver my son, I know each step taken was necessary to keep us both safe. Anyone who has the privilege of having Jenn as their nurse should consider themselves lucky—she took what could have been an incredibly frightening experience and made it as positive and enjoyable as possible.”


April Hughes poses with a DAISY award poster

April Hughes

September: April Hughes, RN, Infusion Center, 850 Boylston St.

Hughes was nominated by a patient for providing relationship-based care:

“As a patient who comes for an infusion each month, I expected to become friendly with the nurse administering my infusion, but friendly doesn’t adequately describe how well April has cared for me and the other patients I observe while in the chair. From the beginning, April has remembered so much about me…When I ask questions about tests or medications, without hesitation she prints out information for me. When I confided that I wanted to get well and try to have another baby, she went out and purchased a pendant of St. Nicholas for me and told me that everyone she’s ever done this for has gone on to become pregnant. Honestly just writing this down brings tears to my eyes—the idea that this woman, who probably has hundreds of patients, went out to pick this up for me—it meant so much!”


Stewart Fenniman poses with a DAISY award poster

Stewart Fenniman

October: Stewart Fenniman, RN, Shapiro 9 East

A patient nominated Fenniman for the ways he went above and beyond during a difficult time for the patient and family:

“At a time when me and my family were dealing with the shock of my diagnosis, Stewart was able to support us with his caring and sincere attitude. He radiates positive energy that lifts your spirits and makes you feel you will get better. It’s hard to be in the hospital, especially for a lengthy period of time. Stewart always goes that extra step to make you comfortable. When I ordered my breakfast and talked about how I always put cinnamon on my oatmeal, he made sure to find some for me. This seems like a small thing, but it kept my routine and made me feel like myself…As the days went by and I could only get a glimpse of the sun from my bed, he figured out a routine to get me outside…This was tremendous after spending so much time in bed… After 3 weeks in the ICU, my hair was badly in need of a cut, and he found out how to get that done. I felt like a million bucks!”


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