Members of the Nursing Coordinating Committee

Last month, the Department of Nursing launched its new committee structure, which was designed to increase staff participation in decision-making about quality, safety, education and the practice environment.

The structure includes a committee for every unit and division. In addition, four committees that were already in existence are continuing as part of the new structure: Nursing Informatics; Practice and Professional Development; Research and Innovation; and Standards, Policies and Procedures.

Andrew Dundin, BS, RN, CEN, of the Emergency Department, is a member of the Nursing Coordinating Committee, which is central to the coordination and organization of the committee structure. He said that participating has made him excited about the clinical improvements that Nursing can accomplish with this structure.

“Like the health care system on a grander scale, the Brigham has great work being done in isolation throughout the institution,” he said. “The future productivity and efficacy of all this work is intimately linked to connecting change makers and nurse leaders from the bedside in an orchestrated collaboration.”

He added, “To me, the committee structure’s mission and vision represent connection with the intention of producing positive outcomes for our patients, families, communities and staff. Nursing is positioned to be crucial in realizing these goals. “

Caitlin Guerrero, BSN, RN, OCN, nurse in-charge for Tower 4B and a member of the Oncology division committee, agreed. “I believe the new committee structure will allow for a stronger voice from clinical nurses,” she said. “The new structure includes a much larger group of clinical nurses and allows for improved communication to and from the Nursing Coordinating Committee.”

She said that the Oncology committee’s kick-off meeting was energizing, with staff generating ideas about quality, education and the practice environment. “I’m excited about many of the care improvement ideas coming from our unit-based practice councils and the Oncology division committee,” she said. “It’s great to have an avenue to share and develop these ideas and learn from the best practices around BWH.”

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