Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Cory Gallant

Cory Gallant, BS, RN, never loses sight of the humanity of critically ill patients, even when they are sedated. “These patients require a human’s touch, they deserve compassion, empathy, respect and, most importantly, they need me to advocate for them,” he says.

These principles guide his nursing practice, which centers on building trusting relationships, keeping his patients safe and comfortable during procedures and easing their concerns. 

 “Cory can bring the patient and family from a level of high anxiety to one of comfort and knowledge within moments because of his engagement. He laughs with them, worries with them and, at times, he will cry with them,” wrote Mary Lou Dorman, MS, BSN, RN, former assistant nursing director, in a letter of support. “Cory gives them a piece of his heart with the hope and grace that it will give them the comfort to endure the treatment plan outlined by him and the team he represents.”

Nursing Director Joshua Peltz, MSN, MBA, RN, recalled a time when Gallant was caring for a patient who passed away, despite the team’s extensive resuscitation efforts. Gallant took extra measures to support the patient’s husband, arranging for the room to be cleaned and for the patient to be prepared before he came into the room. 

“Cory portrayed what it is to be a nurse during this unfortunate outcome,” Peltz wrote in his nomination of Gallant. “He continually communicated with the care team, worked to ensure the patient’s needs were always met and exemplified what it means to have a caring practice.”

Equally caring when it comes to his colleagues, Gallant is known as an outstanding mentor. “He seeks innovative approaches tailored to the needs of nurses new to the Cath Lab to help them succeed, creating a positive learning environment in which everyone is treated with kindness and respect,” said Peltz. 

Natalia Berry, MD, MBA, described Gallant as a “true leader,” noting his motivation to find opportunities for self-improvement and for the improvement of the lab as a whole.  

“He holds us all to a higher standard and exemplifies the standard of excellence we are striving for here at BWH,” she wrote in a letter of support.

Gallant, who has 13 years of nursing experience, earned his bachelor’s degree in health and sciences from the University of New England and is pursuing his MSN at Southern New Hampshire University.