On May 8, award-winning photographer and filmmaker Carolyn Jones mesmerized her BWH audience by inviting participants to “step inside” the story with her in a way that was riveting, moving and memorable. 

Jones, who was this year’s Karsh Visiting Lecturer during National Nurses Week, shared stories and images of nurses from rural West Virginia to an emergency department in Baltimore, to a skilled nursing facility in Wisconsin. She created a colorful portrait of nursing and the wealth of knowledge, skill and creativity that
nurses possess.

Jones has devoted her career to capturing in photos and on film the images and stories of a wide variety of subjects, ranging from those living with AIDS, to women artists supporting entire communities, to nurses on the front lines of our health care system. 

Her most widely acclaimed book publications include “Living Proof: Courage in the Face of AIDS” and “The American Nurse,” which led to a feature documentary included in the U.S. State Department’s American Film Showcase. 

Her newest project, the documentary Defining Hope, is currently being broadcast on PBS stations nationwide. It represents the culmination of a journey investigating how we can make better end-of-life choices.