Katarina N. Bergh, MDiv, staff chaplain, Spiritual Care Services

The diversity of our staff, patients, their families and our local community makes us stronger. Each day, we strive to ensure a caring environment where everyone feels welcome and included. December is a month of richly varied celebrations and observances. As we gather together this December, let us be mindful of the faith and heritage traditions that make us so diverse.

Mawlid an-Nabi
A Muslim tradition commemorating the birthday of the prophet Mohammed in 570 CE; not universally observed.
Nov. 30 – Dec. 1

Bodhi Day or Rohatsu
A Buddhist holiday celebrating the enlightenment of the Buddha; observed in Zen Buddhism.
Dec. 8

A Jewish festival of lights and feasting commemorating the rededication of the Temple in 167 BCE.
Dec. 12-20

A Wiccan and Pagan holiday celebrating the winter solstice.
Dec. 21

A Christian celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Dec. 25

Feast of the Nativity
An Orthodox Christian tradition celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Dec. 25

Zartosht No-Diso
A Zoroastrian tradition commemorating the death of the prophet Zarathustra.
Dec. 26

This December, Spiritual Care Services will be lighting menorahs and offering latkes in observance of Hanukkah and will hold a Roman Catholic Mass on Christmas Day. We welcome suggestions for celebrations throughout the year. Please send your suggestions to bwhchaplaincy@bwh.harvard.edu.

May peace and healing prevail among all people.