In celebration of BWH nurses and the nursing profession, we are sharing a reflection written by Siobhan Raftery, BSN, RN, CNRN, clinical nurse in the Intermediate Neurosciences unit, submitted as a prelude to her Essence of Nursing clinical narrative.

How powerful are we to be nurses. 

We meet complete strangers in the midst of their most intimate and critical situations and yet, we have the power to impact their lives.

We bond.

We touch.

We nurture.

We influence.

We love.

We heal.

Love has always been the driving force for me. The divine act of really showing we CARE for each other.

To me it is in the closing of the door.

The pulling of the chair close to the bedside.

It’s looking into their eyes.

It’s the light touch of a hand.

That is the beginning.

Then it’s simple words.

The “How are you”?

The “What is working so far” and the, “What can we change”?

Then comes the giving of ourselves.

The commitment to making moments better, in the hopes these moments become a whole shift.

We can work together.

I hear you.

Let’s get through this.

We can do this.