As we approach the two-year anniversary of implementing Partners eCare (PeC) we continue to offer extensive support, education and training as we develop expertise in using our Epic-based electronic health record (EHR). Our EHR is both sophisticated and complex. It requires us to be vigilant in how we utilize it so that we are efficiently and accurately capturing, through our documentation, the results of our care of patients and families.

The BWH Nursing Informatics team, in partnership with our colleagues from Information Systems (IS), provides a variety of different opportunities for nurses to continue to develop their skills and understanding of PeC. On the fourth Tuesday of each month, an inpatient Super User “huddle” is held for both day and night staff. During these sessions, we review the newest system changes and explore persistently difficult workflows in greater depth. Additionally, weekly sessions are held for our nurse educators who share local challenges and learn about solutions to bring back to their staff.

For clinical nurses who require more class time to become proficient in using the EHR, the BWH IS PeC trainers hold an “Epic Clin Doc Thrive” training class. If you are interested in attending one of these Thrive sessions, please reach out to your nurse director. Planning is underway to add Thrive training for more Epic applications. In addition to this ongoing education, the Nursing Informatics team, along with the IS Clinical Business analysts, provide support by responding to issues reported through the Help Desk or by email: All staff should feel free to reach out with any feedback, questions or concerns.