Lisa Morrissey

As I round throughout BWH and see the remarkable opportunities we as nurses and caregivers have to make meaningful contributions, I realize how easy it is to overlook the many chances to express gratitude for the people, relationships and resources we have so readily at hand.

Recently, one of our nurses-in-charge (NIC) shared an email she received from an Operating Room (OR) colleague, offering feedback to a peer that so beautifully acknowledged the impact he made. The email, titled “Thank God for people like Jonathan,” recognized how Jonathan contributed to the amazing teamwork of caring for patients during a very busy holiday weekend in January.

Jonathan had come in on his day off and helped resolve several issues and took actions to make sure colleagues coming in on Monday would have what they needed to be well prepared for a similar case that was booked. The email ends with, “… I am glad that he showed up, and I am glad to have him as a co-worker.  All this is not a surprise to anyone. Thanks for all you do.”

I recall rounding in the OR on this same weekend. Jonathan’s reassuring presence was as important as what he did to help. I, too, am grateful for Jonathan, and for this NIC and our nursing colleague for sharing this feedback.

Thank you all for your excellent patient care, for the support you provide each other and for the recognition of each other’s contributions!

With appreciation,




‘Lisa Morrissey, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC
Interim Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services