In October, Epic version 2015 was successfully implemented Partners wide and the BWH Department of Nursing was well prepared for the upgrade.

Many training resources were available, including tip sheets and videos on some of the new features.  Nursing super users and department experts participated in training prior to the upgrade and were available throughout the upgrade weekend to provide real-time support to staff on the new features as well as review some of the current functionality. These individuals continue to play an integral role in supporting their nursing colleagues every day.

Many of the changes in Epic 2015 were related to the display of information in PeC and did not impact how the application functions. There are a few changes to highlight that facilitate nurses’ documentation, including:

  • Streamlined process for documenting patient education
  • New views to see all of the patient’s active and discontinued “lines, drains and airways” (LDAs)
  • Improved display of medication information on the MAR
  • Real-time schedule views in the Snapboard for nurses in the perioperative areas to help manage OR schedules and patient flow

Training videos included:

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