lisa-morrissey-headshotOur one constant is change, and with change comes uncertainty. There are those who are excited by the possibility and opportunity that change creates, those who are fearful, anxious and worried about the change, and those who take a “time-will-tell” approach.

For me, as interim chief nursing officer and senior vice president of patient care services, this is a time for us to come together and to re-commit to our vision of excellent care to patients and families with the best staff in the safest environment. Whatever our role, this is the very reason that brings each one of us to BWH every day.

We must stay together in our commitment to keeping the patient and family in our line of sight and to developing our literacy as caregivers and colleagues, informed and guided by Caring Science. This will allow each of us to help each other and ourselves do what we can every day to keep BWH a welcoming, caring and inclusive place for each other and for the patients and families who count on us to provide the best care possible.

There is no higher commitment or challenge.

With appreciation and respect,





Lisa Morrissey, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC
Interim Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services

This issue’s theme is: Caritas Process #5: Being present to, and supportive of, the expression of positive and negative feelings as a connection with deeper spirit of self and the one-being-cared-for; Caritas Process #6: Creatively problem-solving-‘solution-seeking’ through caring process; full use of self and artistry of caring-healing practices via use of all ways of knowing/being/doing/becoming.