On October 22, 2016, BWHC will experience our first significant upgrade to the Epic electronic health record (EHR) product we call Partners eCare (PeC).

Just like the software upgrades we experience occasionally for our smartphones, PeC will be updating to Epic’s newest version. This is the first of a regular series of upgrades that will happen every one to two years.

Many of the changes in this upgrade will be primarily cosmetic. However, there will be some changes that are worth noting in advance and preparing for through resource materials.  Handouts and video resources will be available. As we get closer to the upgrade, look for links to these materials in your email. 

While classroom education is not needed for this upgrade, support during the post-upgrade period will be provided by our own internal Nursing and Patient Care Services experts, our IS clinical business analysts and PeC.

With this upgrade, we can expect improvements in our Patient Education documentation tools, in the way we access information about active Line, Drains, Airways (LDA), and in the way patient lists display important information.  The medicine administration record (MAR) will have a new, sleeker look with a different color scheme. The flow sheet will also have a slightly different look and feel, with some new functionality.

This upgrade is part of our larger effort to continually improve the way we use our EHR to document nurses’ and other health professionals’ unique contributions to the care of patients and their families.