We recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of our PeCare implementation at BWH. During this year, we all have experienced many challenges and even more successes.

In this PeC corner, we highlight the Center for Women and Newborns and the many patient care improvements that PeCare has offered patients, families and staff.

For the first time, mother and newborn health records are linked together through the delivery summary documentation. Among the many benefits experienced as a result of this digital connection, lactation consult notes now flow from the mother’s record to the newborn record without duplication of effort. Also, pediatricians can now access the very important mother’s delivery information while viewing the newborn record.

Another significant improvement following the PeC implementation is that all BWH newborns have a documented plan of care which improves the quality of care during the inpatient stay and facilitates continuity of care at the follow up appointment with their pediatricians.

These benefits for BWH patients and families are cause for celebration as we acknowledge the one-year anniversary of our PeC journey.