Shaun Golden, RN, nursing director of the Neuroscience ICU

Shaun Golden, RN, nursing director of the Neuroscience ICU and longtime BWH employee, extends his gratitude to his BWH family. His oldest son, Willem, 20, a freshman at Skidmore College, passed away suddenly in March after a tragic accident while visiting a college in Delaware.

A letter to my Brigham family,

I want to thank you whole heartedly for extending a helping hand when I needed it most. We call it a Brigham community but it is much more, it is a Brigham family.

The cards, texts, thoughts and prayers have been comforting, supportive and helpful to my family in so many ways. Your kindness, compassion and giving hearts have been remarkable as we work through this tragedy. More people have helped than I may ever realize, and since I cannot reach out to everyone individually, I want to express just how much your thoughtfulness has meant to me. THANK YOU!!

On the day of Will’s funeral, the current U.S. poet laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera, was on the Skidmore College campus, where he saw numerous tributes to Will and learned of his passing. He then sent us this poem, which we want to share with you as a thank you:

May the Beginning Flowers

In memory of Willem Will Golden

May the beginning flowers, infinite streams
Green fields in motion
Sing your voice
Golden – in sky dimensions, yes
The infinite is in your hands now – your life
Remains with us, it speaks
of joys and gatherings
Moves across the leaves and greets our eyes
Friendships, renewed inspirations
A distant yet close pathway
across difficulty your inner life holds us
We sing your name now
It is Golden
there he is
Here Will is – with us all

-Juan Felipe Herrera
Poet Laureate of the United States