The implementation of PeC has brought many changes to every corner of BWH and its impact has varied between departments and clinicians. Some of these changes have been significantly greater than others. This is especially true for those of us who relied mostly on paper documentation tools. The Perianesthesia nursing staff is certainly a great example.

Before PeC, Perianesthesia nurses had to sift through and juggle different paper tools for inpatients, day surgical and extended recovery unit patients they cared for. This required switching between different paper flowsheets and order sets, and mandated a solid working knowledge of them all.

Today with PeC, every patient’s care is captured by all BWH nurses in the same way. Not only does this streamline the documentation process, but it allows for an easy review of the care any patient has received in any setting across BWH. And now with additional Partners hospitals going live with PeC, as of last month, the depth of the patient’s full healthcare story is dramatically expanded for all BWH nurses.

The same holds true for the discharge process. Prior to PeC, Day Surgery patients were discharged using a paper process. Now with PeC, every patient is discharged using consistent electronic workflows every nurse is adept at using.

The Perianesthesia staff has done very well in adapting to PeC and has quickly realized the benefits of an integrated healthcare information system that assists all BWH nurses in delivering quality patient care – One Patient, One Record, One Team.