It has been almost one year since the launch of PeC, our new electronic health record!

Many of you continue to work to educate and update your colleagues on the features and functions available in PeC. BWH and PeC teams are working in partnership to identify functionality in PeC that may not be working as intended, and to add information that more accurately captures documentation of clinical care and patient status. This critical work is supported by the service desk tickets that clinicians file as well as feedback provided at weekly BWH Nursing PeC Department Expert sessions and monthly super user sessions.

PeC has responded to our feedback and has optimized many features since our initial go live to make documentation easier and more efficient. One great example of this optimization is the newly revised Blood Transfusion Report. This report can be accessed from the index reports and is the one place to go for all the information needed to manage blood administration.

Going forward, there should be no need to spend the time calling the blood bank to determine information that can more easily be found in this report. In the report  you will find a link to the type and screen expiration date and time; the status of all ordered blood bank products (ready or issued); and a complete history of the patient’s blood product administrations, including the current encounter as well as a complete lifetime history of transfusions.

For more information about the blood transfusion report, contact your nurse educator or the BWH nursing informatics team.