Magnet Conference Takeaways

Two nurses recently reflected on their participation in the National Magnet® Conference, held this past fall in Atlanta, Georgia, and shared a few of the “takeaways” they brought back to BWH.

Kim Smelstor, MSN, RN, nurse director in Foxborough, noted: “I learned the value of empowering ambulatory nurses with the importance of shared governance, since ambulatory nurses often don’t feel connected to the more commonly known nursing work of the hospital’s main campus, even though these ambulatory nurses are managing practices and engaged in clinical work.” One realization Smelstor came away with from the conference is that ambulatory nurses have their own unique contributions to make on the Magnet® journey, so she has begun to explore strategies such as “lunch & learn” sessions to strengthen ambulatory nurses’ engagement in the application and designation process.

Dorothy Bradley, MSN, RN, program director in the Center for Nursing Excellence (CNE), is the third nurse from the CNE to have participated in the National Magnet® Conference. This has led Bradley and her colleagues to ensure that CNE orientation and professional development programs incorporate and reflect Magnet® values and principles, such as structural empowerment and exemplary professional practice. According to Bradley, incorporating concrete examples of exemplary professional practice as essential components of their programs has contributed to a much better understanding of the concepts the CNE attempts to foster and promote.