Jackie's New Headshot New“Outcome-focused measures” is the answer to the question, “How do we as caregivers, and the public we collectively serve, know if we are making a difference in advancing health?”

We know that busyness on its own doesn’t always equate to better outcomes. More and more of our patients are looking for value, defined as good clinical outcomes combined with their human experience of our care at a cost that is affordable.

This value equation is driving us more than ever before to inform our practice with evidence, to enter into risk contracts with our payers that tie reimbursement to quality patient outcomes, and lastly, to share our outcomes publicly so patients and payers can exercise choice.

One example is Patients First, a Massachusetts Hospital Association website, where we report our rates on hospital acquired pressure ulcers, falls and falls with injury. Our patient satisfaction scores continue to drive improvements across our organization. This level of transparency continues to drive us to critically evaluate our practice and to stop doing things that do not create or add value. Doing things that keep us busy, because we have “always done it that way,” prevents us from implementing innovative practices that create greater value.

I challenge each of us to reflect on our practice through the lens of our current and prospective patients, families, payers and communities. Outcome-focused measures, which is a part of our Professional Practice Model, helps us keep this in our line of sight. This is exciting work and the right work for us.

What brings each of us to Brigham and Women’s Hospital every day is our individual and collective commitment to making a difference in the health and humanity of those who seek our care. This is our privilege.

Warm Regards,

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Jackie Somerville,  RN, PhD, FAAN
Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services