The countdown to PeC go-live is on!

The years of preparation—from planning, development, testing and training—have us poised to be ready for when PeC will be “turned on” May 30 at 5 a.m.

We’d like to think we have thought of everything and that go-live will be without glitches. However, we’ve learned from the experience of other institutions that have successfully implemented Epic that there will be many questions and challenges to solve in the early days of implementation. This is to be expected, and we’re ready to respond.

BWH will institute a Communication Command Center structure. This communication command structure involves hundreds of people from BWH, PeC and Epic. It’s being put in place to ensure that questions are answered quickly and problems are prioritized and solved efficiently.

Here’s how it will work: Super-users will communicate issues identified by end-users to a PeC service desk. These issues will be triaged by the service desk, assigned a priority rating and sent to the teams in the Command Center. The issues of highest priority will be addressed first. When resolved, the super-user and/or end-users will be notified. In addition to this communication command structure, there will be multiple huddles held during each 24-hour period to ensure priority issues are addressed.

What you can do from now until the end of the month is practice, practice, practice and ask as many questions as you can!