Jackie's New Headshot NewMeaningful recognition is an important and strong component of our professional practice model.

This issue of Heart & Science, featuring our Essence of Nursing recipient and honorees and our Lotus Award recipients, demonstrates our commitment as a community of care to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of colleagues who inspire us to give our best each and every day.

So what inspires them?

Each one of those recognized talks about humble beginnings, gratitude for the opportunities given to them and a desire to give back. Each articulated that the foundation of their practice is cultural humility. They meet all persons, patients, families and coworkers with genuine curiosity and discernment, not judgment. They embrace divergent perspectives and truly ensure that everyone that they encounter feels welcome and cared for.

I personally want to thank each of them not only for their contributions, but also for their courage in graciously accepting this recognition. They accept the honor of these awards and the responsibility of being identified as a role model for our caring community. By stepping forward and telling their stories, they give us an intimate view into their practice and the gifts and talents that they bring to make BWH an even stronger, more inclusive and clinically excellent community.

Let us all follow their lead and acknowledge the contributions of our colleagues every day. If we take the time to look around, there are so many to celebrate.

Warm Regards,


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Jackie Somerville, PhD, RN
Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services