On day one of Partners eCare (PeC) implementation, it is vital to our patients and families that all members of the health care team are properly prepared to use our new electronic health record. To achieve this goal, we will all participate in well-planned, highly customized BWH-focused educational sessions. PeC training is focused on providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully use the new Epic-based system.

In order to be prepared to practice on day one and to assure access to PeC, you should register for courses that apply specifically to your practice area. Managers have been working with registrars to ensure that staff are assigned to all the necessary courses. No one will be provided access to PeC unless they have attended training and passed a proficiency test.

There are a few things that you can do to make the most of your PeC training experience:

Work with your manager to get assigned to all the relevant classes.

Be on the alert for an email that details the date, time and location of your classes.

Watch the Epic elearnings in advance of your class so that you have baseline knowledge before you begin. You can find these at: partnersecare.partners.org/learn/epic-training-demos/demos-by-role/nurses-demos/

Arrive to the class on time. Latecomers may be turned away.

Following completion of your training, continue to develop your skills in the PeC Playground, which you will have access to.

If you have questions regarding your class registration, please contact your manager; Denise Goldsmith, RN, at dgoldsmith@partners.org; or Anne Bane, RN, at abane@partners.org.