Exciting new resources will be made available in Partners eCare (PeC) to support the many facets of education that our patients and families need to facilitate safe transitions across the health care continuum.

Healthwise, a third party patient instruction vendor, will be integrated directly within PeC to help you educate your patients and their families. You will no longer have to go to multiple locations to find educational handouts for patients. Healthwise patient instructions are based on the most up-to-date evidence, and you can edit the instructions to meet the individual needs of your patients.

Healthwise patient instructions are formatted with the patient in mind. They are written in language that is easy for patients to understand, and they are action-oriented, which helps patients learn what they need to do for their condition. Most instructions are available in English and Spanish.

Patient instructions selected from within PeC will automatically document in the patient’s chart that they were provided to the patient. This is an important Joint Commission requirement. Additionally, the selected instructions will be automatically included in your patient’s After Visit Summary (what we currently call discharge instructions). They will also be sent to your patient’s My Chart (the new Patient Gateway) so that they can access the information electronically from home.

Questions about Healthwise patient instructions in PeC can be directed to Beth Baldwin, RN, PeC Nursing Project Manager, at bbaldwin1@partners.org.