Beginning in December, all inpatient units that currently use bar code scanners will be converted to the new Honeywell scanner model in preparation for Partners eCare.

Tower 7A and 8C nursing staff participated in a successful trial of this new scanner, reporting that the Honeywell model scanned much faster and was able to easily read a variety of bar codes. Those patient care areas that will begin bar code scanning with the arrival of Partners eCare on May 30, 2015, will receive the new scanners closer to the go live date.

New Scanner Highlights :

  • Mounted in a charging base at every wall-mounted bedside computer
  • The charging base and scanner will be mounted on the cart in patient rooms where a dedicated cart will be used.
  • When the scanner is removed from the charging base, you can begin scanning without taking the time to associate the bar code scanner to the computer.
  • Can only be used on the bedside computer or the mobile cart that is dedicated to a patient room, which has a mounted charging base
  • Because the scanner is stored in the charging base attached to the computer, the battery will be charged and will no longer require charging.
  • Cannot be used on the mobile devices (WOW’s) outside the room, which will not have a mounted charging base

More information and training will be available on your unit when the conversion occurs. Contact Anne Bane, RN, at or Deb Furlong, RN, at with any questions.