Jackie's New Headshot NewAs we enter this time of giving, we often focus our energy on giving to others. It is equally important though to focus on what we give to ourselves.

As care givers, our relationship with self is a key relationship in Relationship-Based Care. Knowing ourselves and what we need and bring to our relationships is a requirement for healthy interpersonal and team relationships, for managing our own stress and for having empathy for the experience of others.

Quantum physics teaches us that we are all interconnected and that when we set common intentions we can collectively shift the energy in our world. It follows that if we want to make a difference in our world,  our collective intentions, including what we pay attention to, have meaning.

In the coming year, we turn our collective attention to advancing our care environment through:

  • Partners eCare, which will transform the way we provide care across the continuum, enabling our patients to feel known across our hospital and system
  • A Just Culture, which will assure that we disclose errors and potential misses, confident that we are a continuous learning rather than a punitive environment
  • Expanding our consciousness about race and health inequities by participating in conversations led by our Patient Care Services inter-professional Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee to advance our caring and healing environment
  • Relationship-Based Care, as our care delivery model keeps us attuned to the four key relationships that include relationship with patients, families and communities; relationship with self; relationship with peers; and relationship with our diverse communities and worlds that inform our practice

When we bring our collective intentions of caring and inclusion for others and ourselves to our work, we ensure every person who enters the doors of BWH feels valued and cared for. At BWH, our most valuable assets are the people who serve and are served each and every day.

Sincerest thanks for all that you do, and make sure to attune to the miracles of healing and hope that are ours to witness each and every day!

With all good wishes for a healthful holiday season.

Warm Regards,






Jackie Somerville, PhD, RN
Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services