In preparation for Partners eCare, clinical nurses have been attending education sessions designed to introduce nurses to the advances and improvements that we will all experience when we go live next spring. Nurses from the inpatient setting, procedural areas and across all of ambulatory have been attending these sessions since the program began in September.
On Oct. 10, 47 nurses from the ambulatory primary care setting came together at one time to participate in the program. Nick Peterson, RN, Christine Harker, RN, NP, and Brian Laneau, RN, presented this education in such a way that it was truly tailored to their practice setting, making it very well-received.  At the beginning of the class, Nancy Joseph, RN, expressed to the group: “You don’t know how lucky we are. I worked at another hospital that went to Epic and they didn’t do anything to prepare ambulatory nurses in the clinic.”  That statement helped set the tone for class engagement. The focus on patient- and family-centered care was evident as nurses discussed scenarios and concepts related to patient engagement with the introduction of a new technology.

The eCare education program is incorporated into the FY15 Competency Program and will be offered until the end of January 2015. Work with your nurse director to make sure that you are signed up in HealthStream for one of the sessions.