Members of the newly named Nutrition and Wellness Service

Kate Sweeney, MS, RD
Manager for the Nutrition and Wellness Service

The Nutrition and Wellness Service, formerly known as the Nutrition Consultation Service, offers personalized counseling to help individuals meet their health and nutrition goals. At the Nutrition and Wellness Service, we believe food is a great source of pleasure and health, even for those faced with special nutrition needs. Our dietitians work together with patients and their medical teams to provide comprehensive nutrition assessment and counseling.

Our registered dietitians are experts in guiding others to make long-lasting diet and lifestyle changes focused on food quality, exercise, sleep and mindful eating. We offer evidenced-informed nutritional guidance to help individuals improve energy, manage and reduce the risk for chronic diseases, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, lose weight and enhance their well-being. The clinical dietitians on staff provide the highest quality of nutritional care to patients and their families for a variety of conditions and diseases. Some of these include cancer, care before and after organ transplantation, heart disease, digestive disorders, diabetes, food allergies and intolerances, eating disorders, HIV/AIDS, tube feeding and total parental nutrition.

We also offer classes about prediabetes to the public. You can access the schedule on our “Health Events” page.

If you would like to learn more about the Nutrition and Wellness Service, call 617-732-6054 or visit this link.