MaryEllen Quinter

Although the environment in Angiography and Neuro Interventional Radiology (NIR) is fast-paced, MaryEllen Quinter, BSN, RN, embodies a nature of calmness, patience and confidence that her colleagues appreciate.

“If you were to ask anyone in the Angio/NIR department, one of MaryEllen’s best traits would be that you truly feel cared for by her as a patient, family, nurse or team member,” said Laurie Demeule, MSN, RN, CNL, CVRN-BC, nursing director. “In the truest sense of the word, to be cared for by MaryEllen is to be cared for physically, mentally and spiritually. Her gentle nature and confidence in her practice has an incredibly calming ambiance.”

From left: Laurie Demeule and MaryEllen Quinter

As a nurse-in-charge (NIC), Quinter is outcomes-focused. She has worked on nurse-sensitive clinical indicators, such as the prevention of pressure ulcers, patient falls and CLABSI (Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection). She has also played an important role in the hospital’s Stroke Center accreditation, as well as efforts in the division to decrease appointment turnaround times and start the first case of the day on time.

“MaryEllen is a standout nurse and an authentic leader who inspires others through her clinical knowledge and wisdom, skillful comportment and unwavering commitment to her job and the needs of others,” said Matthew P. Schenker, MD, associate chair of Finance for Radiology and chief of Interventional Radiology. “Her intuitive insights and openness to dialogue benefit our practice, as she works tirelessly to smooth our daily operations and shape our policies and procedures to improve patient care. MaryEllen is a true collaborator.”

Her nursing colleagues — especially those who are new to the procedural setting — know they can count on her for support.

“MaryEllen makes it her practice to be available and present for nurses in need,” said Demeule. “She ensures that all staff have the NIC phone number. When nurses come off orientation, she has them do cases near her desk so they physically see her availability. This is establishing a culture of compassion and kindness.”

According to Quinter, the team approach in Interventional Neuroradiology has benefited her clinical practice and professional growth and development.

“This department defines the fact that every team member is equally essential for every procedure,” Quinter said. “I have colleagues I trust and depend upon so deeply during emergent procedures. I always bring 100 percent to work every day, but it is the unrelenting work of those who surround me that makes me complete and always motivates me to elevate my nursing practice.”

From left: MaryEllen Quinter, Oral Cambell and Angela Schiavone

Quinter’s commitment to relationship-based care is a cornerstone of her practice. She understands the importance of cultivating and maintaining strong working relationships with her colleagues and the diverse communities that interact with and inform the department.

“MaryEllen leads by example,” wrote Ellen McKeon-Levine, MSN, RN. “Everyday, she reminds us that we are a team and that everyone’s contributions to the department and our patient population are of value. MaryEllen is not only concerned about how efficiently our department functions, but she also cares about us as individuals. She is very understanding and goes out of her way to support her staff both personally and clinically.”

Quinter received her ADN from the Brockton Hospital School of Nursing and her BSN from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. She joined the Brigham in 2001 and has worked in Interventional Radiology since 2005.

Nominated by Laurie Demeule, MSN, RN, CNL, CVRN-BC, nursing director of Interventional Radiology: Angiography and Neuro Interventional Radiology, with supporting letters from and Ellen McKeon-Levine, MSN, RN, and Matthew P. Schenker, MD, associate chair of Finance for Radiology and chief of Interventional Radiology.

Photos by Faith Ninivaggi